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Tel Aviv is an AMAZING place to visit in the summer. The city is a cultural center of Israel that attracts young people and elderly, secular and religious, and really all kinds of people. Simply put a Tel Aviv summer is just perfect. That vibrant and cultural feel we experience has existed since its beginning. But why is it so great to come in the summer?

The Pride Parade

Tel Aviv is known as the Gay Capital of the Middle East. Every June a Pride Parade is held, with a different theme each year. Sometimes the theme is Gay Pride, sometimes it is Lesbian Pride, or Trans Pride, or pride in Israel for its acceptance of the LGBT community. The parade goes throughout the city, and ends at Gordon Beach in the northern part of the city. Once the parade has finished, a party goes all night with dancing and tons of fun!  The following weeks are filled with events themed on Gay Pride. This happens every Tel Aviv summer, so get ready for next year!

The Water Fight in Rabin Square

On the first Friday of every July, a massive water fight is held in Rabin Square, a major square in Tel Aviv. The fountain in the Square provides the main source of water, however some people bring their own water as well. It is an incredibly fun event, where people throw and splash water at people they don’t even know! It’s an event that brings people together and creates a special community feel in Tel Aviv. One year, I even saw a young man propose to his girlfriend!

Lialah Lavan

Lialah Lavan literally means white night, but it is also slang for an all- nighter.  Another staple in the Tel Aviv summer is a night long event with music, concerts, dancing, and fun throughout the entire the city. From Rothschild Street to Rabin Square to the beach, young people are dancing along the streets of the City. Lialah Lavan ends with a yoga session on the top of the Municipality building while the sun is rising. The event’s name has a double meaning because it not means an all- nighter, but refers to the White City of Tel Aviv. The part of Tel Aviv from Rothschild to Gordon Street is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the white color of the buildings in that neighborhood. And because of those white colored buildings, Tel Aviv is called the White City.

beach1 5 Reasons Why Tel Aviv is Great in the Summer
The end of Lialah Lavan on the beach. (Photo by Samantha Israel Tours).

Concerts of famous singers, like Britney Spears, Coldplay, and Bon Jovi

Summer is the most popular time for famous singers to come and perform. Every summer you can see singers like Britney Spears, Bon Jovi, Justin Beiber, and more come to perform. And most of concerts happen in Tel Aviv, whether it be at HaYarkon Park, the HaBima Theater, or one of the many other venues in Tel Aviv. Better start saving your money for good seats!

Runs Along the Beach

Because of the nice weather and the renovated promenade, you can always see people running along the beach. Mostly you’ll see people running in the morning or in the evening, and not during the hot afternoon hours. There are tens of people running from Jaffa all the way to northern Tel Aviv. It is always super encouraging to see all the others running alongside you.

coordination 5 Reasons Why Tel Aviv is Great in the Summer
Tel Aviv Night Run (Photo by Samantha Israel Tours).

While there is so much more to in Tel Aviv, and while there is always things going throughout the year, these are events that Tel Avivians and Israelis look forward to throughout the year. But the Tel Aviv summer is something to be reckoned with! Want to come to Tel Aviv? Don’t miss out on these awesome events that make up a big part of the city.




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