Tel Aviv Day Trip

Tel Aviv is Israel’s second largest city, both in land and in population. It is the economic center of the country, and the cultural capital of Israel. It is nicknamed the ‘White City’ and the ‘City that Never Sleeps.’ But, how did it all begin? What happened, and how did it succeed? How did it become the cultural capital of Israel? During our Tel Aviv day trip, we will tackle, and answer, all of these questions… And more!


Shalom Tower and the Beginnings of Tel Aviv

We will begin the day with one of the city’s starting points, where its first school stood! Today it is an office building, but the lobbies on the entrance floor remember Tel Aviv’s beginnings of the early 1900’s through mosaic pictures, and models of the early city. We will explore and discuss:

  • how Tel Aviv all got started in 1909 with the goal of being a modern, Hebrew city,
  • why the founders chose this site of all sites to build their city,
  • An artist (Nachum Gutman) who helped begin the cultural scene in Tel Aviv.

Rothschild Street- Walking tour of Early Tel Aviv

Rothschild Street is one of the most well- known sites in Tel Aviv, filled with restaurants, shops, and museums. But it was also one of the first streets of Tel Aviv, filled with homes of some of Tel Aviv’s early elite.

Tel-Aviv.17 Tel Aviv Day Trip
Exploring Rothschild Blvd. (Photo by Samantha Israel Tours).

During our walking tour, we will:

  • the Nachum Gutman fountain,
  • the first lamppost, and kiosk of the city,
  • the house of the first mayor, which later became Independence Hall
  • the unique architecture of Rothschild Street and Tel Aviv,
  • and some modern day events that took place here.

Independence Hall- the Establishment of the modern State of Israel

Originally Meir and Tina Dizengoff, the first mayor of Tel Aviv and his wife, lived here. It later became the first Art Museum of Tel Aviv in 1936. And on May 14, 1948, the Jewish leadership under David Ben Gurion declared Independence of the State of Israel in this very spot! It is an exciting story we really can’t miss out on!

The Carmel Market: An ‘Open’ Invitation to Israel’s Fresh Market Industry

The Carmel Market open market began as a shopping location for the local community of the Kerem HaTemayim neighborhood. It slowly grew more and more until it became the major market of Tel Aviv it is today.

We are going to:

  • explore the market,
  • see the stores,
  • and possibly have some time to shop a bit.

A small Yemenite family established the neighborhood.  The family lit the way to the first cemetery of Tel Aviv during evening and night hours.

Nahalat-Binyamin.4 Tel Aviv Day Trip
Carmel Market Tel Aviv (Photo by Samantha Israel Tours).

Trempeldor Cemetery: the big names of early Tel Aviv

Pioneers established the Trempeldor Cemetery as the first Jewish cemetery outside of Jaffa. The cemetery of Jaffa no longer had room and was too far away. Many of the big figures of early Tel Aviv who we discussed today are buried here, such as:

  • Ariyeh Akiva Wiess,
  • Meir Dizengoff,
  • Nachum Gutman,
  • and Haim Bialik.

During our visit, we will hear some of the stories of early Tel Aviv and its leaders.

Lunch on Tel Aviv’s Ben Yehuda Street

The culinary scene in Tel Aviv is as wide as the horizon on its beach. On Tel Aviv’s Ben Yehuda Street alone, we can find Mexican food, Vegan food, Middle Eastern food, and more. So before moving on with our Tel Aviv Day Trip, we’ll stop for an opportunity for lunch.

The Port of Tel Aviv: The Beginning of the City’s trade and imports

We will then continue our Tel Aviv Day Trip at the port of Tel Aviv. Merchants established the port of Tel Aviv in 1936. Its goal was to export and import goods from the land on an international scale. But why would they build a port here when there is an older one in Jaffa? In 1936, an Arab Revolt began, closing the Jaffa Port. The Jews then had to request from the British Mandate to open a new port so they could continue exporting and importing their goods. Today it is a commercial center for many Israelis to come to visit. Here we will not explore this story, but discover a popular Israeli site.

Tel-Aviv-Port Tel Aviv Day Trip
Tel Aviv Port (אתר תל אביב הוירטואלית. הצלם: זולטן קלוגר. מתוך אתר פיקיוויקי).

Tel Aviv beach: some relaxation on the Mediterranean Sea

To finish off the day, and our Tel Aviv Day Trip, we are going to go to the famous beach of Tel Aviv! We will be able to relax and take in some sun rays at the end of our busy and fun- packed day.

Dinner with a view of the sun setting on Tel Aviv

We will end of our Tel Aviv Day Trip having dinner at one of the many high end restaurants located along the beach, while watching the sun set over the Mediterranean Sea!


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