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Don’t know how to plan your trip? Want to come to Israel, but don’t know what sites are must sees? It is ever-so- important to plan beforehand in order to have the best trip possible. When you are ready to begin to planning your trip, take a look these sample itineraries to get anfontyidea of what you want to see. I have planned sample itineraries for cities from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, from the Golan to the Negev. If you find them interesting, we can put into place and begin making reservations! But also as sample itineraries, they are not set in stone; we can alter them to better suit you, no problem!


Jerusalem-1-300x150 Sample Itineraries

Jerusalem is holy to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. When walking in the Old City, we can see people of many religions, backgrounds, and lifestyles creating a truly, wonderful mosaic. But there is more than the one square kilometer of the Old City within the city of Jerusalem! The New City is full of wonderful secrets and things to do. Together we have a lot of exploring to do in Jerusalem, so let’s get started! Read More


Sun-setting-over-Tel-Aviv.2-min-150x150 Sample Itineraries

Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel, both in land and population. It is the economic and cultural capital country. How did that happen? How did it all begin? On this tour we will find Tel Aviv’s roots deep within the city. We will begin at the Shalom tower, where the first school of the city once stood. We will finish the day on Tel Aviv’s famous and beautiful beach. Come and learn what this city is really all about! Let’s go! Read More

Masada & Dead Sea

Masada-300x150 Sample Itineraries

Masada has the story of adventure and action. A group of Jews, who thought they were the last in the world, came here to fight against the Romans. Their story is one of debate, and action. On Samantha Israel’s Tour’s Masada and Dead Sea Tour explore the story of Masada and its implications. We will also explore, float, and have some fun in the lowest point are Earth- the Dead Sea! So what are you waiting for?! Let’s get started!! I’ll see you there! Read More

Sea Ports

Jaffa-Port-min-300x150 Sample Itineraries

Travel by sea has been, and is, an important way to travel internationally. When we understand the role of these ports, we can understand the beginnings of the trade industry in Israel, as well as travel and tourism. These industries took root and have since grown and prospered in the modern state of Israel. We will explore these ancient ports and see where the roots begin to take hold. It is a trip of a lifetime! So let’s go! Read More


Bahai-Gardens-300x150 Sample Itineraries

Haifa is the third largest city in Israel.It is home to the University of Haifa and the Technion Institute of Technology. What is so special about this city is there are many different minorities who call this it home. The diversity of the city provides a unique window to look into and understand Israeli society. But it also shows the unique nature of the city. In fact that is what makes Haifa different than the two cities bigger than it- Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  Read More

Minorities Trip

Minorities-300x150 Sample Itineraries

While Israel is the Jewish state, there are many other kinds of people living in the country, from Circassians to Druze to Bedouins. And it has been that way for a very long time. At the very least, since the time of the Nabeteans, people who lived in the Second Temple Period. I plan to show you as many of these communities as I can in our two day trip. During our trip, we can take the time to find these minorities and discover how they live their lives. Read More

Southern Coastal Plain

Ashdod-Memorial-min-300x150 Sample Itineraries

The Southern Coastal Plain is a region of the country with an identity of its own. With beautiful beaches, an interesting history, and so much more, we can’t get bored here! Read More


Negev-min-300x150 Sample Itineraries

Half of the country is desert, but it is not all sand and sun like we may think. There are animals who thrive here, and plants as well! There is even evidence that people thrived in the desert throughout time. We have a wonderful opportunity to explore the desert and may even have time to do some sport outside for a thrilling experience! Read More

First Aliyah to Israel

1st-Aliyah-300x150 Sample Itineraries

There were five major waves of Jewish immigration to the land before the modern state of Israel was born. These waves of immigration were called an aliyah, or ‘ascent.’ During this time, a lot of early statehood was built up and created. So understanding the beginning of this period, we can understand more about the country we visit. Read More

Golan Heights

Golan-1-300x150 Sample Itineraries

The Golan Heights is a beautifully scenic area, and offers us a great opportunity to learn about human history. From nature to museums, from history to sport, the Golan has something for everyone! It is a region not to be missed out on. Read More


Galilee-1-300x150 Sample Itineraries

The Galilee region of Israel is full of history, nature, diversity, religions; you name it, it’s here. When coming to Israel as a group, trips in the Galilee can be made specific to the interests and needs of your group. It is a place we can’t miss out on. Read More

Christian Trip

Dominus-Fleviet-Church.3-min-300x150 Sample Itineraries

Israel is the holiest land for Christians, as it was the homeland of Jesus Christ. When we travel the land, we will follow in the footsteps of Jesus, John the Baptist, and other important leaders in Christianity. We will work to make it as much of a spiritual experience as possible. Read More


If any of these sound interesting to you, contact me and we’ll put it into action! If you’re looking for something a little different, also please contact me. Together we can arrange something that better suits you for a special and unique trip of your own.


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